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The Blue Skies Balcony appeal is to build an outdoor garden balcony on our Intensive Care
Unit, so that our poorly patients can benefit from the outdoors in a safe and infection-
controlled environment. 

All patients, their visitors and staff will benefit from this innovative
improvement that will make it easier and safer to move patients outside with no loss of
space to the existing unit, which was opened on 2014.

The therapeutic benefits of outside exposure to natural light and gardens is known to not
only calm patients by providing opportunities from positive escape from stressful clinical
settings, but it also fosters improvement in clinical outcomes – such as reducing pain
medication and shortening hospital stays.  
Outdoor space is particularly important to our critical care patients who face a long battle
back to health and face many weeks in hospital. 

Providing our patients with open skies and
views towards the Welsh mountains will remind them of all the things they have been
missing and help act as a spur to their recovery.
Delirium in critical care is a very common occurrence with ICU patients and we are seeing it
a lot in patients with Covid.  People who experience delirium tend not to do as well in the
long term and there are strategies underway aimed at preventing the occurrence and
reduce its duration. 

A key aspect of treatment and prevention of delirium is to normalise
the patients day and night patterns as much as possible – and the exposure to natural light
is fundamental to this.