Thank you once again for all those that entered into the Chester Raft Race last year. It was really great to see all the teams. If you haven’t already done so visit the website gallery and search the photos for images of your raft in action.

This year’s race is scheduled for Sunday 10th July 2016. The theme is Chester Transport Through The Ages. We have incorporated a couple of new categories of potential award winners; the first category is called Titanic- the ultimate sinker! Not just any sinking vessel will receive this award, the ultimate sinker will be chosen on their style and grace of plunge in to the muddy depth and the actions of their crew.

The second new category of entries is to be The Most Innovative Design. There have been some truly innovative designs of rafts entered into the race, one year there was a pedal powered raft and so this year such hard work and innovation shall be recognised with an award.

It is time to blow the dust off the tools in your shed and get your thinking cap on to come up with an awesome raft for the race in July.

We look forward to seeing your team on the River Dee