Please read the rules carefully before entering the event.




1. Can anyone participate in the Chester Raft Race?

Yes, participants must be 16 years or older and capable swimmers.


2. Where can I register for the event?

You can register here.


3. What are the event details?

– Date: June 30, 2024

– Time: 10:00 AM

– Location: Chester Meadows

– Theme: Toybox


4. How are rafts scored?

Rafts are scored based on theme creativity (30%) and completion time (70%).


5. Are there any safety requirements?

Yes, participants must wear adequate life jackets and adhere to safety guidelines. Due to the varying nature of sizes and various numbers of rafters to a team, we cannot provide life jackets. You must procure your own prior to the event.


6. How are tiebreakers determined?

In case of a tie, the raft with the fastest completion time wins.


7. Are there prizes for winners?

Yes, the winning team receives a trophy or a framed certificate, bragging rights, and other prizes may be available on the day.


8. Can we use motorized rafts?

No, rafts must be manually propelled.


9. Is the Raft Race safe to enter?

Entering the water carries inherent risks, and we diligently heed advice from authorities while staying informed about the River Dee’s water levels. Numerous events, including weekly club activities, also track these levels for safety. We advise following the River Trust’s best practices for River Safety Routine | The Rivers Trust.

After leaving the water, we urge all participants to promptly wash their hands and use the available showers. On land, safety and first aid teams will be present throughout the event.


10. What if I have further questions?

For any additional queries, please contact the event organizers.