In order to make donating even easier, we are happy to announce that The Raft Race now has a BT My Donate page.

What is BT My Donate?

The following is what BT have to say about their My donate scheme.

A fundraising service that doesn’t take commission?

…Absolutely. Many other fundraising services take a little slice of every donation they get. It may only be 2% here or 5% there, but that adds up to a lot when you’re trying to raise cash for a good cause. That’s where MyDonate is different. We don’t take a thing. Not even an itsy bitsy penny. No set up fees, no commission. Apart from the fees charged by the card companies (a 15p flat rate fee for a debit card transaction of any size or a 1.3% credit card charge), all the money goes straight to charity. And that’s got to be a good thing.

 How does every tenner grow?

Say you wanted to raise money by sitting in a bath of baked beans. On MyDonate it’s simple to set up a fundraising page and anyone can visit your page to make donations to your baked-bean challenge, safely and securely. But unlike some fundraising services, every penny would go straight to the charity of your choice (apart from a tiny fee taken by credit and debit card companies).

To donate through My Donate, please